Thanks so much for coming to see us. I love the products and my face feels so smooth and healthy.
14 years old

I am so happy that you came with the Dermalogica people to teach us about how to take care of our skin. I never knew any of the things that the lady told us.
13 years old

The products are so nice. I have been using them and my skin looks great. I am glad you came to see us because I didn't know to wash my make-up off at night.
13 years old

I am so glad that you talk to us about how to shave our faces. I have less bumps now and I get cut less.
16 years old

Thank you so much for giving me the Dermalogica cleanser. It is so nice and I love the toner mist. It smells great. My skin looks much better.
15 years old.

I didn't know taking care of my skin is so important. I will do a better job now that I know more about what to do. Thank you for taking the time to come to us.
16 years old

I am so glad that you talk to us about how bad picking at your skin is. I do that and have lots of marks. Now, I am trying not to do it. I am even sitting on my hands!
17 years old